Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall 2014!

So I have no idea what I'm doing or how to change anything, but this past month Pi Delta Chi had 10 brand new babies pledge us!

From top left to right: Annie Elizabeth, Stephanie, Nicole, Brittany
From bottom left to right: Carlie, Kate, Maggie, Kelly, Beth, and Emmie

These girls come from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and majors, and will be a wonderful addition to the Pi Chi family <3

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Family is Forever

Some pictures from Alumni Weekend last April

~Peace, Love, Pi Delta Chi~ 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March A+ Sisters of the Month!

This month our chapter would like to recognize Chrissy Dragan and Lizzy Heck!
Lizzy is a theater major here at SUNY Oneonta. She is a senior in her 5th year and will be leaving our chapter this May to continue on doing amazing things out in the real world! This month our chapter would like to give recognition to Lizzy for getting an A grade on her Stage Costume Midterm. Although she was not able to study as much as she would have liked, Lizzy succeeded in identifying 30 stitches and machine techniques. She also created an apron! Maybe she can make some special Pi Chi aprons for all our chefs out there! In other news, Lizzy also did a fantastic job as props master for the SUNY Oneonta’s rendition of Carousel the Musical. We all wish Lizzy great luck as she moves into the final weeks as a student at SUNY Oneonta. Great job Lizzy and good luck wherever you may go!
Chrissy Dragan is a double major in Animation and Sociology. She is a second semester sophomore and one of the newest sisters of Pi Delta Chi. Chrissy got an A- on her first meteorology test! Chrissy is really proud of her grade because this is a class that she does not usually succeed in. Also, Chrissy studied fairly hard for this test and is glad that her efforts were not in vain! We hope that continues to do a great job academically and also as a sister of our organization. We expect great things from her, and it doesn’t look like she is going to let her down. Great job, Chrissy! Continue to work hard and always know that you have an organization of sisters always willing to help you whenever you may need it. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

What has Pi Chi been up to?

Hello everyone! SUCO is currently on Spring Back, but we will be back for the last stretch of the year tomorrow! As the weather (finally) starts to get nicer everyone has to remember to work hard and finish the year strong. 

Before break Pi Chi was very busy with several SOE events, as the competition for Chapter of the Year gets down to the wire. We participated in Relay for Life in March and raised over $800! We also had an event with Sigma Delta Tau where we made cards for the residents at The Plains at Parish Homestead. Finally, one of our sisters, Katie Sorce, was inducted into the Order of Omega, the Greek National Honor Society. 

We are looking forward to a few more events before the end of the year including Greek Week, Alumni Weekend and the planting of our Beast Cancer Memorial Garden so stay tuned! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some of our lines!

Big Toree and Littles Cali and Kaileen

GBig Dafnee, Littles Jayme and Maia, GLittle Amelia

GBig Abbey, Big Freyjia, Little Sefaurah

(Missing Big Ayden) Little Dakotah, Big Chayse, Little Demi, Big Verra, Little Elora

GBig Emmie, Big Avery, Little Colbie

Big Verra, Litte Elora 

Congrats Octopi!

This sunday we were so proud to welcome our newest pledge class to the sisterhood: Octopi! 
Octopi and their Pledge Moms 

They truly emulate the meaning of Unity and Eternal Friendship.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A+ Sisters of the Month!

        A+ sister of the month is a new idea that our scholarship chair came up with to recognize sisters for their academic success. While the term “A+” suggests that sisters need to receive this grade in order to be eligible for recognition, this is not the case. Sisters can submit grades ranging from B-A+ that they feel that they put a lot of effort into achieving. Depending on how many sisters submit grades, the scholarship chair puts a brief letter of submission from each sister into a hat and chooses it at random. These sisters are then given recognition on our blog, website, and Facebook page. The recognition may or may not go in depth to explain other areas in which sister might have succeeded that month. In addition to this, the sister(s) will receive a small gift from the scholarship chair to reward them for their accomplishments! 

This month our chapter would like to recognize Lizzie Sudlow and Katie Sorce! 

Lizzie Sudlow received a well-deserved A- grade on her audio studio assignment! Not knowing how to work any of the equipment in the studio provided Lizzie with a challenge when completing the assignment, but her dedication to her work proved successful. Even after losing the first recording, she was able to re-record her assignment and submit it on time! In addition to this, Lizzie Sudlow has been an incredible President to our campus’s Harry Potter Club. She has been working really hard to balance her commitment to Greek Life while still maintaining an active role in the club that she helped found and a focus on her academic success. The result of her efforts came into light this past weekend at the Harry Potter Club Yule Ball. The event was a huge success and the club raised 836.05 for Reading is Fundamental, the nation’s largest non-profit children’s literacy organization! Kudos, Lizzie and keep up the excellent work! 
Katie Sorce received an A on her Mass Media and Celebrity essay! She was tasked with interviewing a relative about their past and present views on celebrities. Katie also needed to discover how the person she interviewed showed their love to their favorite celeb and how he/she might feel about this person today. Katie decided to work with her mom and wrote a 4-page paper on using the information she gathered, A++! Katie has also been displaying her fantastic work ethic in other areas. As a part of the Harry Potter Club E-board, Katie helped in planning, setting up, and seeing to the success of Yule Ball! It’s great to see our sisters working together to do amazing things outside of Pi Chi as well. Excellent job Katie, keep up the great work!!
While not receiving full blown recognition as A+ Sisters of the Month, our chapter would also like to give a shout out to Kelsey Caruso-Sharpe, Delaney Nichols, and Samantha McCaffrey on their grades of A on a Phonetics test, B+ on a Managerial Accounting test, and A+ on a Japanese test, respectively which they all worked really hard for! Keep working hard ladies! 
Katie and Lizzie at Yule Ball!